FreeCAD Memo

Mouse operation setting

Version 0.14
  1. Select [Edit]-[Preferences...] in menu bar.
  2. In [Display] of [Preferences] dialog, select [3D View] tab and select a mouse operation mode from [3D Navigation] combo box.
  3. Click [Apply] and apply your settings.
Mouse settings Mouse settings
At this time, number of settings that you can select is four.
  1. Inventor mode

    Mouse operation mode that is compliant with Autodesk® Inventor. Autodesk® Inventor is a 3D-CAD for the mechanical design.
    SelectPanZoomRotate View
    CTRL + mouse_select_Inventor mouse_pan_Inventor mouse_zoom_Inventor or mouse_zoom_Inventor2 mouse_rotate_Inventor
  2. CAD mode(default)

    Mouse operation mode that is default mode of FreeCAD.
    SelectPanZoomRotate View
    mouse_select_CAD mouse_pan_CAD mouse_zoom_CAD mouse_rotate_CAD or mouse_rotate_CAD2

    From version 0.14, there are following operations for 2-buttons mouse.
    PanZoomRotate View
    CTRL + Click mouse_pan_CAD_2
    1. CTRL + Click mouse_pan_CAD_2
    2. CTRL + Click mouse_zoom_CAD_2
    1. CTRL + Click mouse_pan_CAD_2
    2. CTRL + mouse_rotate_CAD_2
  3. Blender mode

    Mouse operation mode that is compliant with Blender. Blender is the open source 3D-CG software.
    SelectPanZoomRotate View
    mouse_select_Blender SHIFT + mouse_pan_Blender mouse_zoom_Blender mouse_rotate_Blender
  4. Touchpad mode

    Mouse operation mode for the environment that have no 3-button mouse. For example, Mac or some notebook.
    SelectPanZoomRotate View
    mouse_select_touchpad SHIFT + mouse_pan_touchpad
    SHIFT + CTRL + mouse_zoom_touchpad
    ALT + mouse_rotate_touchpad
    SHIFT + CTRL + mouse_rotate_touchpad