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How to create a solid from a sketch by rotation extruding

Version 0.13
  1. Click [File]-[New] in menu bar and create new document.
  2. Move to Part Design workbenchPart workbench.
  3. Select New SketchSketcher_NewSketch from toolbar and enter following parameters into the displayed dialog. Click OK to create a new sketch plane.
    • Sketch orientation : XY-Plane
    • Reverse direction : Uncheck
    • Offset : 0.0
    Create Sketch
  4. Select PolylineSketcher_CreatePolylinefrom toolbar and draw a "H" shape on the sketch plane as shown in the following figure. You can draw the polyline in rough because these will be adjusts in the restraint operation.
  5. Select two end points and select Coincident constraintConstraint_PointOnPoint from toolbar to connnect the lines.
  6. Select each segment of line and apply constraints as shown in following figure. In this operation, we use Horizonal constraintConstraint_Horizontal, Vertical constraintConstraint_Vertical, Vertical Distance constraintConstraint_VerticalDistance, Horizontal Distance constraintConstraint_HorizontalDistance, Equal Length constraintConstraint_EqualLength and other constraints.
  7. Select [Part Design]-[Leave Sketch] from menu bar to finish a sketch editing mode.
  8. Select the created sketch on the Tree View and execute RevolutionPartDesign_Pad to execute rotation extruding. Enter angles of rotation into Combo view in lower left of window and click OK.
    Revolve 360Angle 360°
    Revolve 230Angle 230°
In FreeCAD version 0.13, you can select X-axis, Y-axis or a construction line in sketch plane as rotation axis.