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Installing FreeCAD on Windows

7/11/2017 Update
Version 0.16
  1. Download FreeCAD installer from following website.


    The latest release of version 0.16 is "0.16 Backport Release". But on this release has only a installer for 64-bit Windows. If you want FreeCAD for 32-bit Windows, use "FreeCAD 0.16" that is a old release of version 0.16.

    If your Windows is 64-bit version, downlosd "FreeCAD-0.16.6712_x64_setup.exe". If your Windows is 32-bit version, down load "FreeCAD.0.16.6706.f86a4e4-WIN-x86-installer.exe".

    SourceForge FreeCAD Windows FreeCAD Release page on GitHub
  2. Run the installer.

  3. License agreement is displayed on installer dialog. If you can accept it, click "I Agree" to accept the Licence agreement.

  4. Set a install path. Normally there is no need to change the settings. Click "Next >" and go to next settings.

  5. Choose install components If you want to use FreeCAD as a Python module, check "Add to PYTHONPATH". Normally there is no need to change the settings. Click "Install" to start installing.

  6. The installation process takes between a few tens of seconds and a few minutes. The time depends on your machine enviroment.

  7. After the installation is complete and the dialog displayed "Completed", ckick "Close" to finish all installation process.

  8. FreeCAD can be started by clicking "bin\FreeCAD.exe" in the path that you set as install path. For example, if you set install path to "C:\Program Files\FreeCAD 0.16", you can start FreeCAD from "C:\Program Files\FreeCAD 0.16\bin\FreeCAD.exe".