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Installing FreeCAD on macOS

7/11/2017 Update
Version 0.16
  1. Download FreeCAD dmg file from following website.


    The latest release of version 0.16 is "0.16 Backport Release". So Download "FreeCAD_0.16-6712.da2d364-OSX-x86_64.dmg" on the section.

    FreeCAD GitHub Screen Shot FreeCAD Release page on GitHub
  2. Double click the downloaded file and Drag&Drop the FreeCAD icon to a application foloder on the dialog.

Ordinarily, MacOS can only run applications authenticated by Apple. To run applications that are not authenticated, select "Anywhere" in System Preferences's Security&Privacy "Allow applications downloaded from:".

If you do not want to change the System Preferences, you can also run it by clicking the application icon with holding down the Ctrl key.