FreeCAD Memo

Creating a 2D drawing from a 3D shape

Version 0.14
In this section, I will explain how to create 2D drawing from a 3D shape.
  1. After cretating your 3D shape, move to Drawing workbenchDrawing workbench
  2. Create 2D drawing page with new A3 landscape drawingDrawing_Landscape_A3.
  3. Select your 3D shape on model tree and click viewDrawing_View to insert the shape to a page.
  4. In default, a inserted view will be located at upper-left of the page. Select the view on Part tree and adjust positions, a view direction and a scale of the view at Data tab on property view that is displayed on lower-left of window.
    Properties of a view are as follows.
    • Line Width : Width of line
    • Hidden Width : Width of hidden line
    • X : X coordinate of display position
    • Y : Y coordinate of display position
    • Scale : Scaling factor
    • Rotation : Rotation angles (The rotation axis is vertical to the screen)
    • Direction : View direction
    • Show Hidden Lines : Whether hidden lines are displayed or not
    • Show Smooth Lines : Whether boundary lines of curved surfaces are displayed or not
  5. Insert the views you need in same steps.
  6. You can also insert characters or images (SVG format) with Annotation toolDrawing_Annotation and Symbol toolDrawing_Symbol.
  7. Save created 2D drawing to the SVG format file with Saving pageDrawing_Save. If you want to draw more detailed annotation, edit the file with general-purpose drawing tool that supported SVG format (e.g. Inkscape).