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Making object copy and moving it

Version 0.17

In this section, I will explain how to make a copy of object like a sketche or a sokid, and to move it to other position.

At first, create a shape to be used as a copy source.

Shape to be used as a copy source. A shape for copy source

Copying a object

  1. In model tree, select the object that you created and select "Copy" on right-click menu.

    * If you use a workbench for example Part Design workbench, "Copy" and other menu items will not be shown on right-click menu. So if the menu item does not be shown, switch workbench to Part workbenchPart workbench.

  2. If the selected object has a dependency object , a dialog will be shown. So click "Yes" (*if you select "Yes", the object and a dependency object will be copied. If you select "No", only selected object will be copied. I will explain the difference between the two later).

  3. Select any object in model tree, and select "Paste" on right-click menu to copy the object.

  4. Coping result is shown below.

    CopyMoveObject5 Coping an object and a dependency object
    CopyMoveObject6 Coping only a source object

    If you copy a object and a dependency object (for example, "Sketch"), the source object and destination object have no relation. So you can edit each object without considering the their dependence. On the one hand, if you don't copy a dependency object, source object and destination object are both depend on the same dependency object (for example, "Sketch") and change of the dependency objects is reflected in both objects (for example, "Extrude" and "Extrude001").

Moving a object

A source object and a destination object are overlapped completely after copy operation. So we will move the destination object. There are 2 methods to move a object. By-value and By-mouse-drag.

Setting position by value

In model tree, select a object to be moved and change its Placement property values at Data tab. You can change Angel, Axis, and Position values.

Placement property at Data tab Placement property at Data tab

Setting position by mouse drag

  1. Select a object to be moved and select "Transform" on right-click menu.

  2. Arrows and spheres appear for each direction X, Y, Z on 3D view. If you want to translate the object, drag an arrow. If you want to rotate the object, drag a sphere. Increments of translation and rotation can be changed at Task tab.

  3. Click OK at Task tab to finish transform operation.

Now, destination object was moved.

Sketches can be copied and moved in the same way. If you create a cross-sectional sketch of a shape and make multiple copies of it, you can create a shape that is deformed smoothly with these copies and Loft toolPart_Loft (please refer to "Creating a complex shape by connecting the cross-sections (Loft)" for Loft tool).

CopyMoveObject9 CopyMoveObject10 CopyMoveObject11