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Creating 2D orthographic drawing from 3D shapes

Version 0.15
In this section, I explain how to create orthographic drawing from 3D shapes. If you want to know general method for creating 2D drawing, please refer to "Creating a 2D drawing from a 3D shape".
  1. After cretating your 3D shape, move to Drawing workbenchDrawing workbench
  2. Create 2D drawing page with new A3 landscape drawingDrawing_Landscape_A3
  3. Select your 3D shape on model tree and click orthoviewsDrawing-orthoviews to insert the shape to a page.
  4. In default, only a view is shown on page. It is viewed from X-axis direction and the right-hand direction is Y-axis direction. Check each check-box of "Secondary Views" on Combo view to display a view of a corresponding angle.
    DrawingView3 DrawingView3
  5. Size, position and other properties of a view can be edit from "General" tab on lower side of Combo view.
    Properties that you can edit in "General" tab are following.
    • Auto scale / position : Auto set for size and position of a view
    • Scale : Size of a view
    • Top left x / y : Top left coordinate of entire views
    • Spacing dx / dy : Spacing size between views
    • Show Hidden : Whether or not to display hidden lines
    • Show Smooth : Whether or not to display boudary lines of curved surface
  6. Click OK to exit creating orthographic drawing