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Stress analysis (2)

Version 0.15


Select CalculationFem_NewAnalysis to display a calculation dialog.
  1. Click Write Calculix Input File to write input file. Then click Run Calculix to start Calculation.
    When the calculation finished, messages like "Calculix done!" and "Loading results done!" are displayed with green color in text area on lower side of the dialog .
    Before calculation Before calculation
    After calculation After calculation
  2. When the calculation finished, "Displacement" and "MisesStress" are added to a model tree.
    Model tree after calculation Model tree after calculation

Result visualization

Select ResultFem_Result in toolbar to show a result visualization dialog.
Result visualization dialog Result visualization dialog
  1. Select Uabs (Diso abs) in a combbox of Colors to color meshes with absolute value of a displacement.
    You can color meshes with following variables.
    Colors meshes with absolute value of displacement Colors meshes with absolute value of displacement
    Usable variables
    Variable nameMeaning
    U1 (Disp. X)The size of the X direction displacement
    U2 (Disp. Y)The size of the Y direction displacement
    U3 (Disp. Z)The size of the Z direction displacement
    Uabs (Disp. abs)The absolute value of a displacement
    Sabs (Van Mises Stress)Van Mises Stress
  2. You can deform meshes according to the analysis result by checking [Show] in Displacement group.
    Input a factor for expanding the actual displacement to a Factor. A max value for the factor can be changed with Slider max. Also you can change the factor by moving a slider's handle on right side of dialog.
    Displays the displacement Displays the displacement
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