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How to execute a boolean operation between solids

Version 0.13
  1. Click [File]-[New] in menu bar and create new document.
  2. Select [View]-[Workbench]-[Part] in menu bar and move to Part workbenchPartDesign workbench.
  3. Click BoxPart_Box and CylinderPart_Cylinder to create solids.
    Creates 2 solids Creates 2 solids
  4. Click BooleansPart_BooleanOperation, then Booleans dialog will be opened at Task tab in Combo View.
    Boolean operation dialog Boolean operation dialog
  5. Select a type of operation at [Boolean Operation], Box at [First Shape], and Cylinder at [Second Shape]. Click Apply to execute the boolean operation. Operation results will be followings.
    Union Union
    Difference Difference
    Difference Intersection
    Difference Section
  6. Click Close and finish Boolean Operation dialog.
Executed boolean operation can be canceled. Select the operation result part in tree and click [Delete] in right click menu to cancel operation.