FreeCAD Memo - Training

Modeling Training for Beginner - Step 1

Updated : April 26, 2016
Version 0.16


What we will create? : Smartphone case
Version of the FreeCAD to be used : 0.16

Model information

A size of smartphone 123.83 * 58.57 * 7.6 mm
A space between smartphone and case 1 mm, A thickness of case 1.2 mm
A radius of corner roundness 11.6 mm

Note : These values are not based on an actual smartphone. If you want to create a smartphone case for REAL smartphone, tune-up the values for the smartphone.

Mouse operation

Select Pan Zoom Rotate View
mouse_select_CAD mouse_pan_CAD mouse_zoom_CAD mouse_rotate_CAD or mouse_rotate_CAD2

If your mouse has only 2 buttons, you can use following operations for 2-buttons mouse.
Pan Zoom Rotate View
CTRL + Clickmouse_pan_CAD_2
  1. CTRL + Clickmouse_pan_CAD_2
  2. CTRL + Clickmouse_zoom_CAD_2
  1. CTRL + Clickmouse_pan_CAD_2
  2. CTRL + mouse_rotate_CAD_2

Note : FreeCAD has other modes like Inventor mode, Blender mode and touchpad mode.
Please refer to FreeCAD Memo - Mouse operation setting.

Creating a basic solid

  1. Creating a sketch plane

    Switch workbench to Part Design workbench and create a new sketch plane.

    Workbench_PartDesignSwitch to Part Design workbench

    Sketcher_NewSketchCreate a new sketch plane

    With default parameter values, click OK button on the dialog.
  2. A basic solid

    Sketcher_CreateRectangleCreating a rectangle : Select the tool and select 2 points.

    Sketcher_CreateFillet Creating fillets(4 fillets) : Select the tool and select 2 edges. Create a fillet at the four corners by repeating the same operation.
  3. Specifying sizes

    Constraint_RadiusConstraining a radius of the fillets : The Radius is 12.1 mm. Select the arc and the tool.

    Constraint_HorizontalDistance Constraint_VerticalDistanceConstraining a height and width of the basic solid : The height is 124.83 mm and the width is 59.57 mm. Select 2 ponts and the tool.

    Constraint_PointOnPointSelect a point on the sketch and constrain it to the origin of sketch plane. By this operation, the sketch will be full restraint and displayed with green color.
  4. Exiting sketch edit

    Click Close to exit sketch edit.
  5. Extruding

    PartDesign_Pad Extrude the sketch that you created. : The extruding length is 7.6 mm


Workbench_PartSwitch workbench to Part workbench.
Part_ThicknessSelect a top face of the basic solid and apply Thickness tool : The thickness of the case is 1.2 mm.
Thickness1 Thickness2

Top 1 2 3