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Modeling Training for Beginner - Step 3

Updated : April 26, 2016
Version 0.16

Creating camera hole

We creat a cutout so as not to block the flash and camera.
  1. Creating a sketch plane

    Sketcher_NewSketchSelect a bottom face of the solid and create a new sketch plane.
    camera1 camera2
  2. Extracting construction lines

    Sketcher_External Extracting construction lines for reference : Construction lines can be extract from existing solid with External Geometry tool. Select the tool and a edge of a solid.

    After extracting construction lines, select the solid from part tree and hide the solid with space bar.
  3. Rough sketch

    Sketcher_CreateSlotCreate camera hole with Slot tool.
  4. Setting sizes

    Constraint_HorizontalDistance Constraint_VerticalDistance Constraint_RadiusConstarint the slot with Horizonal Distance tool, Vertical Distance tool and Radius tool. The poosition can be determine with the construction lines.
  5. Creating a shape

    PartDesign_PocketSelect the sketch and and Pocket tool.
    camera7 camera8

Creating fillets (rounds)

PartDesign_Fillet1. Select edges of cutout on sides of the case and create fillets. The radius of fille is 2 mm.
PartDesign_Fillet2. Select edges of retainer and and create fillets. The radius of fille is 0.5 mm.
Note : You can select multiple edges with Ctrl-click.
Fillet1 Fillet2


All works are done. Now we get the 3D model of smartphone case!


  1. Official FreeCAD web page
  2. FreeCAD Memo
  3. MONOist 無償3次元CADでiPhoneケースを設計しよう (Japanese)
  4. Case Design Guidlines for Apple Devices(PDF)

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